What is the Gangr onboarding process and how to upload artwork feature in the store?


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After installing the Gangr app from Shopify, you'll follow these steps to add the upload artwork feature:

  1. Onboarding: Upon installation, you'll go through an onboarding process to set your language and theme. Click "Next."
  2. Install Widget: In Step 2, click "Install upload artwork widget."
  3. Configure Widget: You'll be directed to the 'product information' section, where you can see the 'Upload Artwork' widget. Click "Save."
  4. Complete Setup: You'll then be redirected to the Step 2 page. Click "Done."
  5. View in Store: Visit your store page to find the 'Upload Artwork' button.

These steps should help you integrate the upload artwork feature into your Shopify store using the Gangr app.

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