What Integrations are we offering?


Last Update 9 maanden geleden

  • Stand Alone App

If you do not already have an online store, you can create one directly on Gangr. DTF print shop owners will register themselves and subscribe to one of our packages on Gangr. Once registered, they will receive an admin panel. Within the admin panel, they can set up their domain and provide this domain to their users. Admins will configure canvas sizes and pricing on their respective domains, allowing customers to select the canvas size that suits their needs. Customers can place orders, which will then be received by the admins through the admin panel. DTF shop owners can now focus solely on printing, while the rest is managed by the customers.

  • Shopify App

If you already have a Shopify store, you can integrate Gangr into your existing setup using our Gangr app, available on the Shopify store. This integration allows you to retain your current customer base while enhancing your store's capabilities with Gangr.

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